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Last Updated: Thu, 20.12.12 17:30

Army says explosion, smoke in Langtang area not a volcano

Nepal Army has said that the smoke coming out of a mountain in the scenic Langtang area in Rasuwa district reportedly after an explosion is not a volcano as reported by a section of the Kathmandu media.

NA spokesperson Suresh Sharma said that a team of NA soldiers sent to Langtang area on a helicopter has returned and confirmed that the smoke emitting out of a mountainous part of the Langtang National Park is not a volcano but a ‘minor wildfire’ that will soon be contained.

However, on December 14, Nepali astrologers had said that there is a possibility of volcano within a week while dismissing talks about the world ending on December 21 (that originated from the western countries) as ‘mere rumours’.

Earlier, as the news of a 'volcanic eruption' spread, Langtang area, located north of Kathmandu, is not a volcano prone area, a senior geologist had said.

Senior Geologist Dharma Raj Khadka had told Nepalnews that that it was highly unlikely that a volcanic eruption had taken place in the area.

"There might be other reasons behind the 'explosion'," he had said. nepalnews.com