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Last Updated: Fri, 28.12.12 9:59

Nepalis among 'least emotional' people in world: Survey

Although lagging behind in most development indicators, Nepal has managed to get featured in the list of top 10 ‘least emotional countries’.

However, Singapore tops the quirky top ten list of least emotional countries which mostly comprises of ex-Soviet Union countries and African nations.

Gallup, which has polled residents in 150 countries and territories since 2009 in a quest to gauge how emotional each country is, came up with the findings.

The polling firm went about asking a series of yes-and-no questions designed to know the daily emotional experience (whether the respondent felt significant positive or negative emotions the day prior to the survey). The more times that people answer "yes" to questions such as “Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday?” translated into a more emotional country. In the case of Singapore, only 36% reported feeling emotions of any kind.

On the flip side, the world’s most emotional country? The Philippines, which had a 60% emotional rating. The Southeast Asian Catholic country scores well above second-ranked El Salvador.

The survey found that the least emotional countries in the world are also the greatest consumers of cigarettes and alcohol.

The Washington Post analyzed the data by creating a colour-coded map of the results and found that people in the Americas are found to be exuberant. Every nation on the North and South American continents ranked highly on the survey. Americans and Canadians are both among the 15 most emotional countries in the world, as well as ten Latin countries, the survey found.

Similarly, English- and Spanish-speaking societies tend to be highly emotional and happy. Though the Anglophone nations of the world retain deep cultural links, it’s not clear if Spain’s emotional depth has anything to do with Latin America’s. According to Gallup, “Latin America leads the world when it comes to positive emotions, with Panama, Paraguay, and Venezuela at the top of that list.”

Furthermore, the Gallup survey found that Africans are generally stoic, but with some significant exceptions. Nepalnews.com