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Last Updated: Sun, 19.02.12 15:38

Explosion in plywood factory claims two in Nepalgunj

At least two people have died and eight others were injured when a water boiling machine suddenly exploded at a small plywood factory in Indrapur of Banke district on Sunday morning, police said.

Sujata Salmani, a woman of about 25 years of age from Nepalgunj-1 and Banarasi Babu, 35 of Tankapachari, Jayaspur of the district died in the explosion that later caused fire at SM Plywood Factory this morning.

The condition of two among the injured is said to be very serious and their family members have taken them to Lucknow in India for further treatment. The remaining six are receiving medical care at Bheri Zonal Hospital, police said.

The fire caused by the sudden explosion destroyed most of the equipments and furniture inside the factory. An adjoining house has also been partially destroyed by the fire.

A team of fire fighters with the help of police personnel and locals were able extinguish the fire after about one hour. nepalnews.com

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