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Last Updated: Sun, 18.11.12 11:15

Animal Nepal, HART to organise dog health camp in Lalitpur

Animal Nepal, in cooperation with Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART), is set to organise a large scale dog health camp in Godavari and Badhikhel in Lalitpur district in the coming week.

The Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release and Monitor (CNVR-M) camp is an effective and humane method to control the dog population and eradicate rabies, according to the organisers.

Issuing a statement on Sunday, Animal Nepal and HART plan to sterilize and vaccinate at least 150 community dogs and pets and treat many more. The surgery will be conducted in Animal Nepal’s Donkey Sanctuary.

The organisations earlier conducted such camps in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Banke, Chitwan and Ilam district. The organisations work closely together with community organizations, including schools and youth clubs, and local government offices.

According to the camp organisers, Godavari and Badikhel, like most other settlements in Nepal, suffer from an overpopulation of dogs. Local canines tend to suffer from skin problems and traffic injuries, while people often have a fear of rabies. Animal Nepal focuses on humane dog population management in Lalitpur district, using the motto ‘Healthy and happy dogs and people in Lalitpur ’.

While most municipalities in Nepal poison dogs to address overpopulation, animal welfare organisations have pointed out that this is cruel and ineffective. During a national seminar on dog population management, organized by the Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNN) in August 2012, 14 municipalities from across the country in a Declaration urged government authorities to adopt humane, scientific methods of dog population management.

Animal Nepal and HART’s mission is to create a smaller, healthy dog population through Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies (ABC/AR). This is a sustainable solution which prevents thousands of homeless puppies from being born into lives of suffering. Nepalnews.com