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Last Updated: Sun, 18.11.12 13:38

NOC expected to incur Rs 204m in losses in November

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has projected that it will incur losses of around Rs. 204.2 million for the month of November.

The oil monopoly had earlier this month said based on the price list it received from Indian Oil Corporation, it expects to bear losses worth Rs s. 314m in November. It lowered its projected losses after the Indian oil company lowered prices in some commodities.

As per the new price list sent by Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) on Friday, NOC will incur losses of Rs. 1.96 per litre in diesel and Rs. 508.93 per cylinder in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

The state oil monopoly will make profit of Rs. 13.69 per litre in petrol, Rs. 10.77 per litre in kerosene, Rs. 23.91 per litre in aviation fuel for domestic flights and Rs 26.15 per liter for international flights. nepalnews.com