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Last Updated: Mon, 19.11.12 11:21

Govt preparing to sell off prime embassy property in London and Bonn

Taking advantage of absence of parliament, the government is preparing to sell away expensive properties it owns in London, United Kingdom and Bonn, Germany.

The government had constituted a high-level ‘Survey Committee’ comprising three Nepali ambassadors and senior officials from various ministries last month to expedite the process of selling away the property (embassy land and buildings) Nepal owns in London and Bonn. The Nepali embassy building and land in London’s historic Kensington Palace Garden and chancery building and a residence in Bonn costs billions of rupees at current market price.

However, the two most expensive properties Nepal owns abroad is being sold with little transparency and at a time when there is absence of parliament and vacant anti-graft body in the country, according to today’s Nagarik Daily.

The government is trying to sell off the two mission property saying that they remain in dilapidated condition and renovating or even maintaining those exclusive property located on prime land will cost millions of rupees.

A report published in Kathmandu Post recently quoted an unidentified foreign ministry official as saying that the five-storey embassy building in London, filled with ancient art and sculptures, will fetch 300 to 500 million pounds sterling if sold through a competitive bidding process. The government had released Rs 10 million to partially repair the building last year. Similarly, Bonn building could fetch millions of euros if sold at current market price, the report said. nepalnews.com