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Last Updated: Mon, 19.11.12 17:16

Solar panels installed at Shital Niwas, TU library

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre has installed solar power panels at the Office of the President and the Tribhuvan University Central Library.

The panels were installed as part of government policy to secure uninterrupted power to key buildings at a time when the country is faced with severe power cuts, RSS reported.

AEPC has installed a 24-Kilowatt solar power system at the TU Central Library at a cost of Rs 8.5 million. Similarly, a 14-Kilowatt system has been installed at the Office of the President at a cost of Rs 5.4 million, said AEPC Assistant Director Ram Prasad Dhital.

The centre has plans to install solar panels at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. It is also making plans to install solar power panels at the country's administrative hub, Singha Durbar, to generate 1 MW of electricity. nepalnews.com