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Last Updated: Sun, 25.11.12 18:05

TAAN participates in honey hunting festival in Lamjung

A 17-member delegation of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) participated in a honey hunting festival organised in Ghanpokhara VDC of Lamjung district on November 22.

“TAAN participated in the event as part of the promotion of the Ghalegaun-Ghanpokhara among local and foreign tourists as these areas are popular for honey hunting. The association is also studying the prospects of honey hunting and canyoning in trekking packages in Lamjung,” said TAAN in a press statement.

The event jointly organised by Beekeepers Association, Lamjung, District Development Committee, Mother’s Group of Ghanpokhara, District Agricultural Development Office, and Lamjung Chamber of Commerce and Industry was participated by more than one hundred people.

Honey hunting is also one of the important sources of livelihood for the people of Ghalegaun and Ghanpokhara where the locals use indigenous techniques to collect honeycombs from steep cliffs. nepalnews.com