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Last Updated: Tue, 27.11.12 12:03

Nepal to feature on Canadian TV show 'Escape the Race around the World'

‘The Nepal Show’ is going to feature on French language reality show “Escape the Race around the World” to be aired on Evasion TV in Quebec, Canada, in two episodes (7th and 8th).

The popular reality show is on air on Tuesdays at 21 hours Canadian time (and rebroadcast on Wednesdays at 23 hours, Fridays at 14 hours, Sundays at 16hrs and Mondays at 10 hrs.

Nepal Tourism Board's Public Relation and Publicity Director Aditya Baral said that featuring Nepal in one of the most popular TV shows of Canada would help immensely to promote Nepal's tourism in the North America region and among global French community.

Producer of the show, Jim Edward, said he was positive the show would help in the growth of Canadian and French travelers to Nepal, similar to South Korea, Panama, Peru, Fiji, Hong Kong, which were featured in the show earlier.

The presenter of the show is François Bugingo, a noted journalist and documentary maker, and experienced as Host Hotspots (Télé-Québec), Host of Straight Talk (in Radio Canada).

The show is about competition based on world travel reporting of 10 young amateur reporters, aged between 20 and 29. They are “hungry for travel, adventure, and encounters”. The competitors compete in areas like imagination, resourcefulness and creativity to achieve the best story of the week for this reality show and are judged by three eminent juries and the audience. At the end of twelve weeks, one contestant will win the title of "Young Reporter of the Year".

(The show can be viewed on: http://www.evasion.tv/lacourseevasionautourdumonde2012/#&semaine=8)