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Last Updated: Wed, 28.11.12 17:17

Int'l workshop of geo-scientists kicks off in capital, Karakoram, Tibet

Geo-scientists have expressed the view that a long term action plan and strategy should be adopted for environmental balance as the climate change effects in the Himalayan region leaves negative impact.

According to state-owned news agency RSS, speaking at the three-day 27 th Himalaya – Karakoram –Tibet (HKT) Workshop that has begun on Wednesday, Minister for Industry, Anil Kumar Jha, said national economic development was possible by utilizing forest, mines, and water resources and that necessary attention should be paid to prevent soil erosion, floods and landslides to save the resources.

He expressed his confidence that the geoscientists meeting in the country was an historical one to study and carry out geology in the country.

During the programme, scientists’ duo Prof. Mohammad Qasim Jean, Prof. John Philips, Chairman of the organising committee, Nepal Geological Society, UB Shrestha, among others said that the workshop would have extensive discussion on conservation of natural means and resources.

Some 260 geo-scientists from 19 countries of Asia, Europe and American continents have been participating in the workshop. nepalnews.com