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Last Updated: Wed, 28.11.12 17:18

Congress, UML likely to seek more time for consensus talks

Nepali Congress and UML leaders have agreed to urge the Head of the State to extend his seven-day deadline to form a government of national consensus.

Leaders of both parties, who met at the UML party office in Balkhu, agreed that an extension was needed to reach a deal on the formation of a unity government.

"The deadline given by the President is expiring tomorrow. If the talks do not make headway, we will seek an extension," said NC leader Ram Chandra Paudel after the meeting.

President Ram Baran Yadav issued a formal call to the political parties to form a consensus government within seven days, on Friday. The President gave the timeline to form consensus new government under Article 38 (1) of the Interim Constitution.

Political parties are likely to give the President's deadline a miss as they refuse to budge even an inch to reach a compromise.

As the November 29 deadline approaches, the ruling coalition has not let go of its demand that Baburam Bhattarai, a constitutionally elected head of government, should lead a unity government. The alliance has formally termed the President's move as a breach of the constitution.

Meanwhile, NC sources have said that the party central working committee is likely to pick its prime ministerial candidate. According to them, the party is under tremendous pressure to name its PM candidate with the November 29 deadline just a day away. nepalnews.com