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Last Updated: Sat, 06.10.12 19:24

Prof. Subedi reacts to Cambodian PM's remarks on Nepal

Surya Subedi
Surya Subedi

Prof Surya Subedi has reacted to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's comments on Nepal in an angry reaction to the human rights report prepared by him as the UN special rapporteur in Cambodia last month.

In a written response to the Cambodian PM's comments, Subedi said, “Nepal has a liberal democracy where the judiciary is independent and people do not go to jail for criticising the government. The civil society is vibrant and the Government in Nepal respects and listens to the representatives of civil society."

Hun Sen, who was apparently resented the wrong-worded UN human rights records of Cambodia, did not accuse Subedi by name, the strongman premier said the author of the "untrue" report was a "national of a country that has already abolished the monarchy and "at this hour... has no constitution".

Subedi reacted, "Nepal has a democratic interim constitution at the moment and people have been trying to write a new constitution with a view to strengthening democracy, human rights and rule of law. Both Cambodia and Nepal have gone through similar experience in the past and have a great deal to learn from each other.”

He further said, “There is room for improvement in the governance of Cambodia and my job is to identify the shortcomings that exist in the system and offer my recommendations to address them. I do not wish to descend into personal level and do not wish to have a dialogue with him or anybody in the Government through the media. I have had a good level of cooperation from the Government of Cambodia and my dialogue with the Prime Minister have been productive in the past. Our approach may differ on some issues, but they can be addressed in a mutually respectful manner and through dialogue.”

Subedi also clarified that he was working in his professional capacity in Cambodia and was not representing Nepal in Cambodia. “I am a professor of international law and a barrister and a human rights advocate. I am an independent expert working on behalf of the UN with a view to helping the people of Cambodia,” he added. nepalnews.com