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Last Updated: Tue, 09.10.12 15:43

U.S provides grant assistance of over $280,000 to two cultural preservation projects in Nepal

The U.S. Embassy on Tuesday announced two recipients of the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) in Nepal that will receive a total grant assistance of over $280,000.

U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, Peter W. Bodde, congratulated the recipients today in Patan Durbar Square, saying that this support helps Nepal to flourish as a mainstay of historical tradition and to continue to grow as one of the world's leading tourist destinations.

One grant will provide an additional $205,000 grant to the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust (KVPT) for its ongoing restoration and conservation of the 17th century Patan Royal Palace.

Ambassador Bodde called the support a symbol of KVPT's commitment to excellence and dedication to preserving Nepal's invaluable cultural landmarks. This project was awarded an AFCP grant of $900,000 in 2009.

The second grant will provide $75,300 to the Alliance for Ecotourism to preserve the Kartik Nach tradition.

“This unique form of 17th century storytelling through dance has been in decline over the past 60 years, with only a few remaining community members knowing the full scope of the performance. The AFCP grant will assist the Kartik Nach Management Committee to revive the full form of the dance and to teach a new generation the tenets of this important tradition, “ the U.S Embassy said in a statement.

Established by Congress in 2001 and administered by the U.S. Department of State, the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation provides support for the preservation of cultural sites, cultural objects and collections, and forms of traditional cultural expression around the world.

Since its inception, the Fund has demonstrated America's respect for the cultural heritage of other countries by supporting more than 700 projects in more than 120 countries.

These contributions represent a commitment of more than $36 million towards cultural heritage preservation needs around the globe, including more than $1.7 million in Nepal. nepalnews.com