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Last Updated: Sat, 13.10.12 13:03

Gurung's 'Journalism and Journeys' out

'Journalism and Journeys', a book authored by Nepalnews journalist Anand Gurung, was launched amidst a function in Kathmandu on Friday.

'Journalism and Journeys'

Noted authors Dr Tara Nath Sharma and DB Gurung jointly launched the book, a collection of articles, impressions and travel essays that the author penned as a journalist.

Launching the book, Sharma commented that the writing of the author was splendid and projecting the book as a resource to know about the reality of Nepali society, especially for the foreigners.

"I found the book very interesting as it includes political culture and historical dimensions of the issues," novelist DB commented.

Sharing his book writing experience, author Gurung said that the book was an outcome of his personal observations and experiences from taking part in many public conferences, meetings, work trips, and leisurely wanderings as a journalist.

The book published by Vajra Publications contains six chapters and 19 articles. Nepalnews.com