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Last Updated: Tue, 16.10.12 16:38

UK cautions Nepali visa applicants against unscrupulous agents

The British government authorities have asked prospective visa applicants from Nepal of the dangers of being misled by unscrupulous agents. They have also warned of action against such agents.

“We welcome genuine visitors, students and workers to the UK and are committed to ensuring the quality and availability of visa services for genuine applicants. We will, however, not tolerate abuse of the UK visa system and we have a zero tolerance of fraud,” a press release issued by the British Embassy in Kathmandu quoted UK Border Agency’s Regional Director, Thomas Greig, as saying.

“I strongly advise anyone who wants a visa for the UK not to listen to agents who offer to sell forged documents or say that they can guarantee a visa,” he said adding, “We have very effective processes for detecting fraud and work with our international partners and Indian authorities to do so. When we uncover fraud, including false bank statements, education and language certificates, we will refuse the visa and the applicant will face a ten year ban on travelling to the UK, as well as possible action by the Nepali authorities. We will report agents involved in fraud to the police.”

Saying that visa applicants do not need to use agents for application, UK Border Agency said it does not endorse any agents in Nepal, nor does it have a list of preferred agents.

“Do not be misled by unscrupulous agents into thinking that it is acceptable to submit forged documents with your visa application. It is not. The UK Border Agency has sophisticated document verification procedures,” the statement said.

The statement further said, “Do not believe agents who say that they have a contact in the UK Border Agency or its commercial partner, VFS Global, and can influence the speed and outcome of the decision. They cannot.” Nepalnews.com