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Last Updated: Sun, 07.04.13 14:06

NAC signs revised MoU to procure two jets

The Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) and European aircraft manufacturer signed a revised memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the purchase of two A320-200 aircraft recently.

The agreement was signed between NAC managing director Madan Kharel and Airbus senior sales director Sheel Sukla at NAC on Friday.

As per the agreement, the air manufacturer will provide both aircraft in March 2015. However, the price of the jets has not been revealed.

As per the previous agreement, the price of a jet is US$41.28 million.

In October 26, 2009 the national flag carrier had decided to purchase two aircraft- one narrow body and another wide body from the Airbus.

However, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Legislative Parliament had on December 28, 2009 recommended the government authorities including the Finance Ministry and the NAC to cancel the process for purchasing new aircraft due to controversy.

The committee had also recommended for improvement in the management in the state-owned airliner before purchasing new aircrafts. The committee had also asked the NAC to restart the purchasing process from the beginning. nepalnews.com