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Last Updated: Sun, 07.04.13 14:14

Need to manage libraries in a 'scientific way' stressed

Although the history of library in Nepal dates back to 200 years, scientific management of libraries is still a far cry. This has affected hundreds of thousands of students, state-owned news agency RSS reports.

The Library Management and Information Service Center Saturday distributed certificates to 26 people after they completed a 35-day library and information science level 3 training.

The centre has trained as many as 300 people since its establishment some 14 years ago.

Giving away the certificates, VC of the Lumbini Buddhist University, Triratna Manandhar, laid stress on the need to manage libraries in a scientific way.

TU Central Library former Chief Krishna Mani Bhandari said people are taking a lot of interest in libraries as the world itself has become a library.

Nepal National Library Chief Yadav Chandra Niraula urged everyone, including the state, stakeholders and readers, to make collective efforts for library development.