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Last Updated: Sat, 03.08.13 20:14

Bird flu found in six more Bhaktapur poultry farms

Bird flu (Avian Influenza) was detected in six poultry farms in Bhaktapur during an inspection on Saturday.

Officials from the Animal Health Directorate found 'widespread' bird flu infection in the chicken in those farms. Hundred of chicken from those farms were safely buried by the government team.

Earlier, bird flu was defected in eight poultry farms in the Kathmandu Valley. The government has announced one week ban on sale and transportation of poultry including meat in the Valley amid fears of the virus infecting humans.

The bird flu scare has caused losses worth tens of millions to the poultry. Over 300,000 kg chicken meat worth Rs 70 million is sold every day in the Kathmandu Valley alone.

The country's poultry industry is worth Rs 35 billion. Nepalnews.com