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Last Updated: Mon, 28.01.13 17:27

Stones from Mt Everest sent to lowest point on earth in Israel

Stones from the region of the highest point on Earth, the Mount Everest of Nepal, were sent to Israel on Monday. Similar stones from the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea in Israel, are expected to arrive in Nepal in a sooner date.

These stones will be established as monuments at the Dead Sea and at the Everest Base Camp respectively and will symbolize long and fruitful friendship between Nepal and Israel, according to a press release issued by the Embassy of Israel in Kathmandu.

“The placing of the monuments is expected to further strengthen existing good and friendly relations between the two countries and bring it to the people to people level. It will also promote these natural heritage sites apart from encouraging more people to visit the regions and to promote internal as well as international tourism,” the Israeli Embassy said in the release.

The stones from the Everest Base Camp were brought to Kathmandu by Bishnu Basnet, the guide from the Swissa Rafting and Trekking Expedition (P) Ltd.

A special ceremony for placing of the monuments will take place in both the countries later in 2013, according to the Embassy.

This project is the follow up project of the Nepal Israel joint postage stamps issued on 4 September 2012. nepalnews.com