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Last Updated: Thu, 31.01.13 9:41

Human activities in Lumbini traced back to 1300 BC

Evidence found in Lumbini region has shown that human activities had taken place there some 1,300 years before christ or BC, state-owned news agency RSS reported.

This was revealed in the first phase of a study/research report made public at a programme organized in the capital on Wednesday, based on a three-year research carried out jointly by the Department and the Durham University of Britain.

On the occasion, the archaeological excavation team leader and Vice-chancellor of the University Rabin Kaningham said wooden structures of the sixth century BC were discovered at the Mayadevi Temple and Monastic complex.

Excavation has been carried out in the Lumbinigram, Mayadevi temple, and the Ashok Pillar since 2011 with financial support of the Japanese Funds in-Trust (JFIT).

Research so far had found traces of human settlements of around 800 BC.

Speaking at the programme, Director General of Department of Archaeology Bhesh Narayan Dahal said the final report of the three-year long archaeological study and research would be made public following a lab test of the material evidence. Nepalnews.com