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Last Updated: Thu, 31.01.13 10:36

Early marriage force Muslim, Madhesi girls to drop out from school

Girls of the Muslim and the Madhesi communities in Banke district are compelled to drop out from school without completion of their education due to family pressure, state-owned news agency RSS reported.

The main cause of it is the early- marriage system prevalent in these communities. A research done by Fatima Foundation here at Indrapur VDC has shown that more than 90 per cent girls between the ages of 12 to 14 years of these communities are married off early.

Gender discrimination, superstitious belief and poor economic condition have played vital role in the girls' quitting school, said locals.

An awareness programme has been launched here targeting the Muslim and the Terai community girls at Paraspur, Jaispur, Khajura Khurda, Puraina.

Puraini, Udayapur, Ganapur, Rajhena, Kohalpur, Manikapur VDCs in Banke district, Maimuna Siddhiki, acting Chairperson of Fatima Foundation told RSS. Nepalnews.com