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Last Updated: Thu, 31.01.13 11:32

Polish second most spoken language in UK: Census

Polish has become the second most commonly spoken language in England and Wales, data from the British census has revealed.

More than half a million people around now speak Polish as their first language, placing it ahead of more established languages Punjabi and Urdu and behind only official languages English and Welsh, British media reported.

The figures also show that nearly 140,000 people living in England and Wales cannot speak English. According to the report, neither English nor Welsh are the main languages for about four million residents, or 8 per cent of the population.

Census figures showed that other prominent languages were: Bengali (with Sylheti and Chatgaya), spoken by 221,000 people or 0.4 per cent; Gujarati, spoken by 213,000 and Arabic, the first language of 159,000 people. Nepalnews.com