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Last Updated: Thu, 31.01.13 14:32

Nepali jeweler found dead in HK

A Nepali jeweler identified as Indra Kumar Bishwakarma (55) was found dead in Monkey Hill Jungle in Hong Kong on Tuesday, local media reported.

Photo: Oriental Daily
Photo: Oriental Daily

According to the online version of the local Oriental Daily, Bishwakarma dead body was found hanging from a tree in Kam San Country Park on Tuesday.

The news portal reported that Bishwakarma operated jewelry businesses in Nepal and Hong Kong and lived with his wife in Hong Kong.

Bishwakarma had called his wife over phone last Friday and bid her ‘farewell’ stating that he wanted to kill himself, said the report. He had been missing since then.

According to the Hong Kong police, Kumar´s body was unfastened in the presence of family members.. Family members are planning to take Kumar´s body to Nepal after completing legal procedures.

Local police said they believe that Bishwakarma committed suicide due to financial reasons. Nepalnews.com