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Last Updated: Sun, 16.06.13 13:57

Nationwide bandh called against announcement of poll date affects life partially

Normal life in many parts across the country has been partially affected by a general strike (Nepal bandh) called by agitating Mohan Baidhya-led CPN-Maoist, Upendra Yadav-led MJF-Nepal and Ashok Rai-led Federal Socialist Party on Sunday.

Protesting the government decision to hold Constituent Assembly election on November 19, the three parties including a number of fringe parties enforced the bandh as per of their plan to foil the plans to hold the election they term as a “futile exercise”.

Cadres of 42 agitating political parties enforcing a general strike in Kathmandu, on Sunday, June 16. 2013. nepalnews.com/ANA
Cadres of 42 agitating political parties enforcing a general strike in Kathmandu, on Sunday...

In capital Kathmandu, shops and businesses in major market centers remain mostly closed while there are far less number of vehicles plying in the streets. Public vehicles are seen in the streets, but they are far fewer in number because of which many office-goers are having trouble commuting to work. Similarly, educational institutions remain closed due to the bandh in most parts of the country.

The full extent of the impact of the bandh called against the election announced as per the recommendation of the four major party-led High Level Political Commiittee is yet to be seen, however.

On Saturday, CPN-M secretary Dev Gurung challenged the government to hold the CA election by bypassing the agitating parties, warning that the nation would face serious crisis if the election were held in unilateral manner. Nepalnews.com