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Last Updated: Tue, 21.05.13 8:52

Report stressing need of inclusiveness in media submitted

A High-Level Commission-2069 BS related to inclusiveness in media houses has presented its report to Minister for Information and Communications Madhav Poudel Monday, state-owned news agency RSS reported.

The 19-member Commission was formed by including representatives from women, indigenous nationalities, Dalit and Madhesi journalists and other organizations related to journalism as per the Cabinet meeting on Bhadau 28, 2069 BS.

The government decided to constitute the commission in response to a relay strike launched by Madheshi journalists demanding that media houses should be made inclusive.

The Commission headed by Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communications Sushil Kumar Ojha had started its work on Mangsir 14, 2069 BS. It had 12 jurisdictions.

Receiving the report, Minister Poudel pledged its implementation. The government would implement the report after study, he said.

The Commission has submitted a 14-point feedback in terms of making both state and private media houses inclusive.

On the occasion, Commission coordinator and Ministry Joint Secretary Ojha said the report was prepared after holding extensive discussions with all the bodies concerned. The report will prove a milestone in making media houses inclusive.

The feedbacks given by Commission are related to recognizing media houses ensuring proportional representation of women, indigenous nationalities, dalits, Madhesi, Muslims, disabled, and backward communities as the national-level media houses, giving priority to those media houses abiding by inclusive criteria and promoting mother tongues and establishing the Communications Inclusive Fund.

Likewise, the state-owned media houses are suggested to give a space to the political, social, cultural and gender matters of women, indigenous nationalities, dalits, Madhesi, Muslims, disabled and backward communities to make them inclusive, give priority these communities while making appointments there and implement the reservation system in media house as in the Public Service Commission.

The private media houses have been suggested to enforce the policy of inclusiveness. Besides, the report has mentioned the provision of providing facilities to those private media houses adopting the policy.

The government has been suggested expand jurisdictions of Press Council and thereby establish an inclusive ‘media council’ and implementing all policies and programmes related to inclusiveness through the same council.An independent body with the representation of media experts shall be formed to take measures for making Nepali media houses inclusive, the report stated.