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Last Updated: Sat, 25.05.13 17:35

2557th Buddha Jayati today

The 2557th Buddha Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha, the apostle of peace, is being observed Saturday by organising various programmes with the message of peace and harmony among people.

As the birth, enlightenment and Nirvana of Lord Buddha falls on the same day of the full moon of the fourth lunar month (month of Baisakh), Buddhists around the world, including Nepal, observe Buddha Jayanti with respect and devotion to Buddha.

A special function is being organised in Lumbini, the birth-place of Buddha, today to mark the Buddha Jayanti. Interim Government Chairman Khil Raj Regmi is scheduled to take part in the event.

Gautam Buddha's philosophy of Buddhism does not entail any theistic world-view. The teachings of the Buddha are solely to liberate human beings from the misery and sufferings of life.

With the realisation that there was more to life than the lavish and luxurious life he was leading, Prince Siddharth Gautam, who was born in the southern Terai region of Nepal in about 543 BC, left his palace in search for enlightenment and the true meaning of life.

After much wandering and searching, Gautam finally attained enlightenment while meditating under a pipal tree. Henceforth, known as the "Buddha" or "the enlightened one" he began to preach "The Four Noble Truths" to all who would listen. According to this doctrine, people suffer because of their desires and the root cause of all misery is desire. These desires and consequently all problems can be totally eliminated by following the "eightfold path"- right conduct, right motive, right speech, right effort, right resolve, right livelihood, right attention and right meditation to gain mastery over suffering. Gautama Buddha lived and taught in northern India in the 6th Century B.C.

Buddha traveled far and wide teaching hundreds of followers. Even after death his disciples continued to spread his teachings.

The United Nations has been observing the Anniversary of Lord Buddha as a public holiday since 2002.

The books on teachings and messages of Lord Buddha are said to be the largest publication throughout the world.

Buddha Jayanti is celebrated in all the Buddhist nations rejoicing the victory of Prince Siddhartha of Lumbini over pain, suffering and self.

Buddha, during his 80 year life, carried out a total of 84 thousand discourses which are compiled in various books including 'Binaya', Sutta, Abhidhamma and Tripitak. Nepalnews.com