Thursday, 17th April 2014

Call to rescue workers abroad

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The International Nepali Solidarity Society has demanded that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately rescue the Nepali workers stranded in Saudi Arabia.

General Secretary of the Society, Rajendra Shrestha, said at a press meet today that although as many as 70 Nepali workers were granted clemency for seven months by the Saudi Government, they were yet to be rescued.

As their period of general amnesty has expired, they are living in a wretched condition. They are in dire need of rescue. The Foreign Ministry should take the initiative to bring them home, the Society demanded.

Similarly, founder Chairman of the Mulprabaha Akhil Bharat Nepali Unity Society, Govind Singh Thapa, said the Saudi government had given general amnesty to those bearing passport and those without having proof they were Nepalis were stranded. Therefore, the Foreign Ministry needs to send representative and rescue them.

It is said hundreds of Nepalis have been stuck in Saudi Arabia due to the irresponsibility of the manpower companies, lack of emergency documents as passport, and recklessness of the airport authorities.

The Society also informed that it has recently submitted a memorandum to the Ministry demanding rescue of the stranded Nepali workers in Saudi Arabia.



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