Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Polio-affected man completes tour of 54 countries on bicycle

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Chitra Poudel, a polio-affected person since his childhood, has proved wrong the notion that the disabled are physically weaker than the normal people, touring 54 countries on bicycle.

The 29-year-old Poudel who suffered from polio when he was just five years old has now become the world cyclist. Poudel who originally hails from Morang district is currently residing in the capital and has already visited 54 countries including India and Sri-Lanka on a bicycle.

He fell victim to polio in his childhood. His family which was not well-off could not afford to take him to the hospital for treatment which later resulted in malfunction of his right leg.

He said it was his compulsion to experience life as a disabled and live accordingly as he was from a poor family. However, despite many challenges, he succeeded in completing the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations from his village and came to the capital in pursuit of higher education.

But his unexpected meeting with another amputee who is living with his one hand who was on a 'world tour' brought a turning point in his life.  He was motivated to set out on the world tour on a bicycle, motivated by the same person.

Finally he started his world tour from the Mahakali zone in 2004. His family which initially was not convinced of his setting out on the world tour, are encouraged by his success. He said his will power, courage, family support, financial and moral support from his well wishers and national and international organizations and their inspiration are behind his success.

He is planning to set out on a bicycle trip from the famous religious site Lumbini to the Mt Everest base camp along with this 50 normal people from next year with a view to promoting the importance of Lumbini and Mt Everest at international arena.



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