Thursday, 5th March 2015

University of Leeds launches free online course

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The University of Leeds-- a leading British University—has launched a free online course.

“The University of Leeds has prepared a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) called ‘When Worlds Collide’ about the difficult decisions that need to be made about land use management. Nepal features prominently as a key case study, and the course includes a challenging debate amongst a group of Nepali experts about forests, irrigation and human rights,” said course leader, Professor Jon Lovett, Chair in Global Challenges at the University of Leeds.

“It is a great opportunity for students from around the world to get free, quality education from the comfort of their homes,” said Dr Bishnu Pariyar, Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Centre of Ecology, Law and Policy at the University of Leeds. “We hope many students will gain from such an unprecedented opportunity and make solid gains in their academic and professional fields.”

Those who are interested to sign up for this free two-week course can do so by visiting

The course begins on 31st of March, 2014.

“This course is for anyone who is concerned about the world’s environmental problems and the policies used to tackle them. This course may be most interesting for learners at school or university level, or professionals working in natural resource management. The course is most relevant to individuals with interests in the following subjects: geography, environmental science, natural sciences, ecology, politics and law,” said the University.

‘When Worlds Collide’ is one of the courses being offered by FutureLearn in partnership with multiple UK universities and organisations.

FutureLearn was founded by The Open University (OU) in December 2012 and now has twenty partners, including the University of Leeds.<> March 28, 2014



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