Friday, 30th January 2015

Nepal Study Days kicks off in UK

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Both established and budding researchers and academicians related to Nepal or Nepali cultural world have gathered in the world-renowned Oxford University, UK, to take part in the 12th Nepal Study Days and share their recent researches.

Altogether 20 selected papers on 7 themes, namely: Gurkhas, Capital and Labour, Gender, Nature and Environment, Tourism, Health and Diaspora, will be presented and discussed for two days (April 24-25).  Apart from England, Scotland and Wales, participants from Denmark, Vienna, Nepal, The Netherlands, Germany and Norway are taking part in the programme. About 60 academics and researchers are participating in the programme.

Nepal Study Days is an annual conference related to Nepal organised by the Britain-Nepal Academic Council (BNAC). Eight of the 12 Nepal Study Days were oganised only for one day but in order to meet the growing number of participants, since 2009 it has been organised for two days.

The programme is organised in different Universities in the UK and this year it is hosted in Oxford with the support of School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography and All Souls College. The conveners of this year’s programme in Oxford are Professor David Gellner, Dr Krishna Adhikari and Dr Sondra Hausner.

On Thursday, the BNAC's Annual General Meeting is also going to take place in Oxford electing new officials of the Executive Committee for the next four years.

The BNAC was established on 23 May 2000 at a large meeting at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London of British academics and researchers interested in various aspects of Nepal. The objective of the Council is to promote academic and scholarly links between Britain and Nepal through, inter alia, collaborative research, exchange programmes and organisation of annual lectures, and seminars on areas of mutual interest to both British and Nepali academics and researchers.

Currently the BNAC is led by Professor Michael Hutt from School of Oriental and African Studies, London.



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