Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

“Walk for Nepal” to be held in London

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Participants at the Walk for Nepal event organised in London last year (Photo courtesy: Nepal.FM)Walk for Nepal (WfN) – an event that will bring the UK-based Nepali organisations, Nepalese diaspora and friends of Nepal together-- is being held at Richmond Royal Park, London on Saturday, 26 July, 2014.

This is the second year that the event is being organised in London. Walk for Nepal was organised for the first time in London at the same venue in July last year. Those interested to join the walk can register by visiting www.walkfornepal.org.

Help Nepal Network UK Chapter, GMIN UK, Live for Change, Nepalese Nurses Association UK and Naya Yuva have joined hands to make the event a grand success.

“This is an exciting and challenging event open to anyone wanting to fundraise for a charity organisation, operating in Nepal, of their choice,” said Jay Gurung of the Grassroots Movement in Nepal (GMIN) UK chapter. “Getting involved in the Walk for Nepal would be a fantastic way to support your favourite charity, meet like-minded people whilst staying active and outdoors in the summer,” he added.

The WfN initiative aims to utilise the collective passion and potential of a fast growing disapora Nepali population for Nepal’s better future and is now being organised in different cities around the world to make meaningful contributions to Nepal.

Walk for Nepal is the brainchild of 'Nepalko Yuwa' (NKY), a US-based non-profit organisation, that aims to inspire Nepali youths to make a positive and long lasting impact towards individuals and society at large.

“WfN has a unique model of civic collaboration and youth innovation,” said Pukar Malla, Secretary General of NKY. “While NGOs involved will get 80 percent of the funds they raise through the walk for their chosen project, 20 percent will go to the WFN Youth Innovation Fund. Small independent projects from Nepal will then compete to win this sum to initiate their ideas,” he added.

Since its launch, the WfN has been organized in Boston, Dallas, Washington DC, London and New York.  It has mobilised more than 2200 walkers, 2000 sponsors and $130,000 in sponsorships for 43 Nepal-serving NGOs working in areas of women, children, education, health and youth.

"In the last three years, Nepalis and friends of Nepal from all walks of life have identified with and been touched by Walk for Nepal. We are humbled by the overwhelming response from around the world,” said Shailesh Gongal, one of the founders of the Walk for Nepal movement. “The seed for positive change has been planted at the grassroots level. It is our hope that a day will come when we all walk together so that our footsteps are heard around the world,” he added.

 “We very much look forward to come together on 26th July this year with the spirit of doing good for our motherland,” said Sachin Shrestha, Treasurer of the Help Nepal Network UK chapter. “We call upon all the Nepalis and friends of Nepal in the UK to join forces and send a positive message that we can and shall work together for a common cause,” he added.

The first WfN in London last year brought together more than  100 walkers raising fund for seven different non-profit organisations. The event raised more than 2500 pounds and the participating organisations received invaluable exposure, along with appreciation from walkers. The WfN team promises to provide the same success to organisations and an exciting walk to walkers in 2014, the organisers said.



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