Friday, 6th March 2015

BNCC delegates call on Sir John Stanley

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Delegates from the Britain Nepal Chamber of Commerce (BNCC) met Sir John Stanley on Monday at the British Houses of Parliament at Westminster in London.

(From left) Anthony Weiler, Rajen Kandel, Sir John Stanley, Graham A. Minshaw and Barry Janes at the British Parliament  (Photo courtesy: BNCC)A former minister, Sir Stanley is the Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Nepal and an influential Member of Parliament from the ruling Conservative party.

During the meeting, Chairman of the BNCC Graham A. Minshaw expressed his appreciation towards the role played by Sir Stanley and the APPG in promoting bilateral cooperation between the UK and Nepal. He said Nepal needed trade more than aid for her long-term development. Saying that the BNCC was working hard to encourage British companies to invest in Nepal, Mr Minshaw said they needed the government and policy makers’ support in this agenda.

Vice Chairman of the BNCC, Rajen Kandel, said there was a need to bring about changes in the perception towards Nepal and see it as a potential investment destination.  He urged the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) – an arm of the British government-- to allocate some of its resources at the British embassy in  Kathmandu so as to promote investment opportunities in Nepal. He also urged the DFID to allocate part of its budget to promote business opportunities between the two countries.

During the meeting, Sir Stanley congratulated the government and people of Nepal for successfully conducting the election for the Constituent Assembly in November last year in a free, fair and democratic way. He expressed hope that Nepal will have a new, democratic and inclusive constitution soon. Saying that the world is a competitive place, Sir Stanley said businesses have choice where to invest. He urged the government of Nepal to appeal to the British companies by making policies which are more attractive compared to other developing countries in the region. He said he will liaise with various colleagues at the Parliament and the British government to support the activities of the BNCC and promote investment in Nepal.

The BNCC (<>) is an independent association of companies and individuals, wishing to increase the level and quality of trade between Britain and Nepal and to assist other people who intend to initiate or foster business between the two countries. The BNCC is also a member of the Council of Foreign Chambers of Commerce (CFCC) and the Industry and Parliamentary Trust (IPT ) and organises a number of events in the UK every year so as to promote bilateral trade.



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