Saturday, 28th February 2015

Walk for Nepal Boston 2014 Campaign launched

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Nepal ko Yuwa (NKY) officially launched Walk for Nepal Boston 2014 campaign at MIT, Cambridge, in the United States on Sunday.

Representatives from partner organisations and local community leaders attended the meeting where the redesigned website and a short promotional video was unveiled.  

 Walker registration and sponsorships are now open for London and Boston. The first Walk this year will be held at Richmond Park in London on July 26. Walk for Nepal Boston 2014 will be held at Carson Beach area in South Boston on August 24. This will be followed by Dallas on October 19. This is the fourth year the event is being held in Boston. Last year, 300 people raised close to $20,000. Walk for Nepal is a 501 (c) (3) registered non-profit organisation in the US. This year, Walk for Nepal Boston has set a goal of mobilising 1,000 people and raising $50,000 with the support from the Nepali diaspora and friends of Nepal in the Greater Boston and New England area.
“Walk for Nepal seeks to leverage the networks and net worth of growing Nepali population around the world to make meaningful contributions to the needy communities in Nepal. By bringing together numerous NGOs involved in social causes in Nepal, we  hope to increase awareness of the exemplary work that many people and NGOs are doing for Nepal and build a culture of civic collaboration among them,” said Shailesh Gongal, one of the founders of the Walk for Nepal movement.
“The other core principles of WfN are practical philanthropy and youth innovation. We envision that in the long-term, the Walk for Nepal movement will fundamentally impact the way Nepalese and friends of Nepal think about and contribute to Nepal, no matter where they live, through this common platform of collaboration, learning and social change,” said Pukar Malla, General Secretary of Nepal ko Yuwa (NKY).
More than a dozen social cause organisations including Bal Sarathi Academy, Empower Dalit Women of Nepal, Help Nepal Network, Possible Health, Nepali Women’s Global Network, Ghar Sita Mutu, Grassroot Movement in Nepal, Live for Change, Nepalese Children’s Education Fund, Nepalese Nursing Association UK, Naya Yuva, Sharing Resources, TEWA, Global Community for Education (GCE), COMMITTED, Power a Village, and IRJR-Nepal will participate in the Walk this year in London, Boston and Dallas and mobilise their supporters.
NKY will channel 80% of the funds raised by partner organisations back to the partners to spend on their projects in Nepal. The partner organizations will contribute 20% of the funds into a common ‘Walk for Nepal Youth Innovation Fund’.  This Fund will be used to award popularly voted youth entrepreneurship projects in Nepal through the WfN website. NKY makes all financial statements available in the Walk for Nepal website



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