Thursday, 24th April 2014

Focus on economic issues: Former Finance Ministers

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As the election of the Constituent Assembly has come to an end, former Finance Ministers of the government of Nepal have stressed on the need to focus on economic issues from here onward.

Speaking at a program in Kathmandu Monday, they said the constitution making process is the focus of the country, but agendas of economic prosperity, too, should be taken ahead simultaneously.

"It is necessary to work on economic development as equally as it is currently essential to set up a consensus government," said former FM and Nepali Congress leader, Ram Sharan Mahat.

"We need a stable government now, so that we can create conducive environment for investments," said former FM and NC leader, Mahesh Acharya.

"It is essential to provide an outlet to the country by enacting constitution in one year. It will help us work on economic front and prosper, thereby," said former FM and CPN (UML) leader, Surendra Pandey.