Saturday, 19th April 2014

Commercial ostrich rearing begins in Dang

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Ostrich Nepal Pvt has started commercial rearing of ostrich for the first time in Dang district.

The company has hired 80 bighas of land owned by Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU) on lease for the commercial rearing of ostrich.

So far, 171 ostriches have been brought for rearing, RSS quoted organisation's technician Man Bahadur Darlami as saying.

The organisation is doing commercial keeping of ostrich in Rupandehi as well. The organisation decided to expand its business here, following a high demand for ostrich meat, eggs, feathers and hide in the international market.

The organisation has a target of keeping 700 ostriches. Normally an adult ostrich weighs around 250 Kilogrammes, lives for 80 years and its meat is sold at Rs. 2,000 per kg. The organisation is learnt to have invested Rs 400 million for the ostrich keeping at Bijauri.

With the beginning of ostrich keeping at Bijauri, people are flocking to the NSU premises to see ostrich which is a completely new species of birds for them. Entry fee for students is Rs. 50 and for generals is Rs.100, it is learnt.Ostrich is a fast-running African flightless bird with two-toed feet and is the largest living bird.