Saturday, 28th February 2015

NEPSE index increases by 55.45 points

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Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index has increased by 55.45 points to settle at 707.12 points on Thursday from Sunday’s 651.67 points last week.

pictureOver a week, all the sub-indices of the secondary market posted positive growth as commercial banks gained 60.26 points, manufacturing 0.23 points, hotel 11.3 points, other 55.21 points, hydropower 82.48 points, insurance 104.78 points, finance 16.2 points and development banks 57.18 points.

However, trading group remained unchanged at 170.86 points.

The transaction amount has also soared by 49.19 points to Rs 2.39 billion last week from the previous week’s Rs 1.6 billion.

NIC Asia Bank stood at the top registering Rs 173.09 million in terms of highest transaction, followed by Nepal Bank Limited Rs 132.36 million, Chilime Hydropower Company Rs 109.99 million, Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited Rs 106.16 million and Nabil Bank Rs 102.66 million.