Sunday, 1st February 2015

‘Initiatives on to remove air ban on Nepalese aircrafts from flying in European sky’

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The European Economic Chamber, Nepal, has said that it would take initiatives to resolve the problems seen after the aircrafts registered in Nepal have been banned flying to and from the European countries.

Speaking at a news conference organised in Kathmandu Sunday, Chamber Chairperson, Binayak Shah said the Chamber is co-working with the government and the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) on this issue.

The Chamber will urge the European countries, with the commitment to correct technical and physical weaknesses seen in air safety, to remove Nepal from the safety black list, Shah said, as quoted by the RSS.

He said there was a large scale of investment from the private sector in airlines and added that there would be negative impact upon tourism sector of Nepal from the decision of the European Commission.

He said that the private sector was disappointed from the decision taken suddenly in a short span of time, though an agreement was reached earlier for providing a chance to correct the safety weaknesses within six months.

“It was necessary to give a message that homework is underway for the physical infrastructure development of airports in Nepal,” Shah said, adding that the European Commission’s decision would make no impact on Turkey Airlines, which has started its service recently in Nepal.