Monday, 21st April 2014

Govt ready to take harsh decision on NOC: FM Koirala

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Minister for Commerce and Supplies Shanker Prasad Koirala has said that the government is ready to take any kind of decision for the bright future of the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC).

Addressing a quarterly review meeting of the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies and its subordinate bodies at the Ministry today, he said the government would be compelled to take a hard decision about the NOC to do justice regarding the tax paid by the poor people.

"The NOC is going down as oil has been the matter of politics rather than the means of commerce," he said.  The NOC should either halt the supply of cooking gas cylinders or make adjustment on the price, he added.

He urged the subordinate bodies to demand more budget if necessary. Minister Koirala directed the government bodies which have direct connection with the peoples' day to day affairs should be made result-oriented and not to make the market monitoring 'seasonal'.  

The Finance Minister further stressed the need of promoting production and export market to reduce trade deficit, at the initiation of the commerce administration.  Vice Chairperson of the National Planning Commission (NPC) Dr Rabindra Kumar Shakya suggested the government to seek solutions to the problems existing in the government organizations.

Commerce and Supplies Secretary Madhav Prasad Regmi pledged to make the ministry's progress index more effective in the days ahead. Chiefs of Department of Commerce, National Food Corporation, Salt Trading Corporation, Trade and Export Promotion Center, NOC, National Trading Corporation and Nepal Transit and Warehouse Management Committee apprised the meeting of the situation of respective organizations.