Monday, 21st April 2014

NEPSE index hits 6 year high crossing 800 pts

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The NEPSE index has surged by 36.47 points to reach 807.67 points, the highest it has reached in nearly six years, on Wednesday.

As the index has increased by 5 percent, NEPSE has imposed circuit breaker for the rest of the day today.

NEPSE enforces circuit breaker for 15 minutes if the index goes up by 3 percent as per the provision. Then, it imposes second breaker for 30 minute if the index increases by 4 percent and the third is announced for rest of the day if the index goes up by over 5 percent.

As per the sub-indices, except hotels which fell 1.89 points, all the other indices posted positive growth as banking gained 47.14 points, development banks went up 6.83 points, hydropower gained 68.45 points, finance 6.22 points, insurance 33.97 points and other group went up 25.24 points.

The secondary market also registered a turnover of Rs 167 million trading 394,581 unit shares through 858 transactions.

The stock market had also gained 37.95 points to close at 771.2 points on Monday, the highest since November 2008. Circuit breaker was imposed three times on the day, after it witnessed high transactions of shares.