Wednesday, 23rd April 2014

128,000 hectares of fertile land uncultivated

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The National Census of Agriculture 2012 has revealed that about 128,000 hectares of fertile land in the country is uncultivated.

Millet ready to harvest at a field in Lokanthali in November this year. NN/ANAThe census was made public by the Secretary at the National Planning Commission Yuba Raj Bhusal at a program in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

According to the census report, the cereal production has gone down by 9 percent, paddy by 6 percent and wheat by 6 percent. Likewise, maize produce has dropped by 12, millet by 19, barley by 35, millet by 40, pulse crops by 21 and mustard by 13 percent respectively. Though agriculture contributes 32 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the drain of youth power could be deemed the reason behind the regressive fall of agro produce during past ten years.

The census has incorporated data on the use of land, permanent and temporary crops, status of livestock and birds, instruments used in agro works, capital details, irrigation, agriculture loan and food sufficiency.

According to the report, a total 2,831,000 farmers are involved in agriculture, among them 116,000 are not found to have cultivated their land.