Monday, 21st April 2014

Number of cheese factories up in Ilam

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The trend of setting up cheese factories is rising in Ilam with the growing demand for cheese in the domestic and international markets.
The number of cheese factories in the district was about 12 in the past whereas it has doubled until the fiscal year 2012/13.
There are nine cheese factories including a government-run one in Pashuipatinagar VDC, two each at Puwa Majhuwa, Sulubung, Sankhejung, Namsaling, Fikkal and Naya Bazaar and one each at Sriantu and Rakse VDCs.
The cheese factories at Pashupatinagar VDC together process 2 million 330 thousand 780 litres milk annually to produce cheese.  
There are four cheese factories in the district run by the Dairy Development Corporation. These factories are located at Pashupatinagar, Rakse, Naya Bazaar and Ranke.
New factories have been opened at Naya Bazaar and Sulubung with the increase in demand. Govinda Khadka of Pashupatinagar -3 set up these factories. He says he carries out cheese transaction of more than Rs. 10 million annually.
The cheese factory run by the Dairy Development Corporation at Pashupatinagar carries out transactions of over Rs. 20 million annually by processing 491 thousand 600 litres milk.
There are 23 big and small cheese factories in Ilam which together process 4 million 520 thousand 448 litres milk annually with an annual turnover of Rs. 175 million 438 thousand 80.
Ilam produced 376 thousand 704 kilogrammes cheese this year.