Wednesday, 23rd April 2014

Locals obstruct survey for Rasuwa- Kalapani- Khotang road

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The survey for Rasuwa- Kalapani Khotang Bazaar road in Khotang district has been stopped after the locals obstructed the process.

Locals obstructed it saying the road recommended by the DDC after all party decision of the district was taken to the paddy fields and jungle, skipping the main settlements. They have been demanding that the survey of the road be carried out from their settlements.

The locals obstructed the technical team of the programme for Swiss cooperation deputed in the survey, said LDO Yubaraj Adhikari.  He said the road was long in dispute and was obstructed even if it was agreed after much discussion.  The survey could not be done as dispute erupted after second week of August.

DDC accuses that it was obstructed as the road was not taken to the proximity of the houses of leaders of political parties. They are former DDC President Parshuram Karki, UCPN-Maoist leader Deep Bahadur Thapa, and Rajan Prasad Dhakal who instigated the people, said one employee of the district.

Karki, however, said he did not instigate people but added, "We are in favour of agreement, how can we do that?"

The technicians were deputed after December 11. The Swiss government is to invest Rs. 240 million for the 15 km road, said Adhikari.