Sunday, 20th April 2014

Illegal crusher industries to be closed in Biratnagar

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The District Administration Office (DAO), Morang has warned of closing down the crusher industries operating illegally near the different rivers in Biratnagar district.

Organising a press conference here on Thursday, Chief District Officer of Morang Ganesh Raj Karki said that the crusher industries operating without meeting the standards would be closed after mid-July.

Crusher industries operating illegally are being closed as per the decision taken by the government in October 2013.

CDO Karki said the district administration would move forward the process for taking legal action against the crusher industries operating without meeting the set standards.

The administration had constituted a monitoring committee after public complaints that the crusher industries were extensively misusing the natural resources and causing widespread pollution.

The committee on Wednesday carried out a monitoring of the sites where such crusher industries were operating from and found that the crusher industries were using heavy machineries like scavators, loaders and dozers for quarrying stones, aggregates, soil and sand from the forested area along the Gachhiya rivulet in the north of the district. It also found that the crusher industries were carrying out rampant quarrying and a lot of large pits could be seen at different places in the area.

Although 13 crusher industries are registered in the district, only seven are in operation. RSS