Saturday, 7th March 2015

FM Koirala directs revenue officials for better performance

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Finance Minister Shankar Prasad Koirala has directed staffs under his Ministry and underlying bodies to work with determination.

At a revenue review meeting of the month of Mangsir (November-December) held at the Ministry today, he said he has sensed that the revenue administration has been sluggish, compromising and hesitant, and urged not to compare revenue with the issue of change of government.

Stating that the revenue administration had not worked as expected, he said he would scrutinize the secretary and each of the official under him should alert underlying officers.

Koirala stressed on the need of ending dillydallying on a single case for years and directed the Department of Money Laundering to work without fear.
Minister Koirala also suggested to send tax officers where there are no revenue offices and to give opportunity for businessmen to utilise tax concession opportunity.

Finance Secretary Shanta Raj Subedi urged to move ahead works speedily from February to give businessmen the opportunity to utilize the tax discount provision. He also alerted to reach revenue recovery to 54 billion rupees by raising two billion rupees this month by making a work plan.

Revenue Division Chief of the Ministry Rajan Khanal called for timely disposal of arrears whereas Director General of the Inland Revenue Department Tanka Mani Sharma made commitment to move ahead works speedily after mid-January.

Department of Customs Director General Surya Prasad Acharya said revenue collection was affected by election and public holidays.

Chief of Tribhuwan International Airport Customs Office, Kishor Jung Karki called for increasing quota of gold as smuggling increased for lack of gold import as per demand.