Wednesday, 4th March 2015

First artificially inseminated goat gives birth

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A test of artificial insemination in she-goats has led to positive results in Waling municipality-10 of Syangja.

The first ever artificial insemination in she-goats in the district was carried out by the District Livestock Services Office with the support of the Gandaki She-goat Development Board.

The tests carried out in 16 she-goats bred under the Board has proved successful, said Sushil Aryal of the Livestock Service Centre, Waling.

A she-goat that had undergone artificial insemination gave birth to three baby goats on Tuesday. Of the 16 she-goats, seven more are expecting while it reportedly did not work out in the case of remaining seven. We were seventy per cent successful and we will investigate the reason behind the failure in the seven she-goats, adds Aryal.

The District Livestock Service Office is planning to replicate the success across the district after a more conclusive result of the tests.