Friday, 27th February 2015

Nepal Telecom's new chief vows to take company to 'new heights'

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Newly-appointed Managing Director of Nepal Telecom Anup Ranjan Bhattarai has expressed commitment to provide high quality and uninterrupted service to customers, vowing that the company would gain new heights during his tenure.

Assuming office on Sunday, he said he will make sure that Nepal Telecom would not lag behind while competing with other telecom companies in the market and that it will retain its position as the foremost telecom service provider in the country.

“Nepal Telecom will shed its old skin and move ahead in a new path during my tenure. I will work very hard to increase Nepal Telecom’s share value while giving problem-free service to our customers. I will also streamline our human resources,” Bhattarai said, adding that he will try to simplify public procurement act as well as process to minimize possible financial irregularities in Nepal Telecom.

Bhattarai had joined Nepal Telecom 32 years ago and has assumed various responsibilities in the company.