Friday, 27th February 2015

PATA awards Personality of the Year 2013 to Natasha Shrestha, launches Youth Forum

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The 38th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Nepal Chapter was held Wednesday by organising various activities.

Natasha Shrestha (center), Managing Director-Avia Club Nepal, poses with Suman Pandey (right) Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter, after being awarded PATA Personality of the Year 2013 for her “indefatigable effort and her tenacious mission” to establish Air Sports in Nepal in the capital on Wednesday.On the occasion, the PATA Personality of the Year 2013 was awarded to Natasha Shrestha, Managing Director-Avia Club Nepal, for her “indefatigable effort and her tenacious mission” to establish Air Sports in Nepal.

PATA Nepal Chapter also presented two key guest speakers -Professor Kaye Chon, Dean of Hong Kong Polytechnic University  and SiradejDonavanik, Asst Dir-Project Investment for Dusit Thani, Bangkok,  who gave presentations on Leadership in Service Industry, Professional Development for Tourism and Hospitality Industry and Contribution of the Next Generation to Tourism Industry respectively.

During the day-long event, PATA Youth Forum was also launched at the initiation of PATA Nepal Chapter.

Speaking on the occasion, Suman Pandey, Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter stated that the main aim of the event was to highlight the crucial role the next generation of young leaders from various fields and sectors can play for the development of the tourism industry and to make to the PATA members, tourism stakeholders and policy-makers aware of this.

The event moved forward with the enrollment of 40 members from tourism and other businesses and sectors influencing the tourism industry of Nepal.

PATA Nepal Chapter said this forum shall from now onwards work in enhancing national and international youth networking in tourism.  

D.B Limbu, President of NATA presented the forum pins to the enrolled youths and Srijana Rana, Director -CSR of Hotel Annapurna offered Khadas to them.

On the occasion, Laxman Gautam- representing CEO of Nepal Tourism Board and Srijana Rana,congratulated the newly appointed Youth Forum Members and encouraged them to work for the upliftment and betterment of the Nepalese Tourism.

During the closed door session of the AGM wherein policies and much required amendments were approved and applauded by the general members of PATA Nepal Chapter. One of the important agenda was The Himalayan Travel Mart scheduled for 29- 31 May 2014.

Same day's evening session was chaired by the Chief Guest, Member of Constituent Assembly Gagan Thapa and Guest of Honor, Chief Secretary of Prime Minister's Office Lilamani Poudel.

Professor Kaye Chon was generous enough to present a special presentation on "Human Capital Building". His presentation was focused on mainly the term 'Human Capital' as it suggests the role and importance of relationship between managerial hierarchies, which was highly appreciated by all the participants from the Nepalese Tourism.

Siradej Donavanik spoke in length on 'Intergenerational Experience'. He shared his wisdom on the resolution between generational leadership and how the Asian ethics and mannerism has helped much more compared to European society in terms of family businesses.