Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

UNCTAD and Department of Industry to launch online investment guide to Nepal

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The Department of Industry and UNCTAD will launch on Thursday a web-based investment guide to Nepal.

The iGuides platform (www.theiguides.org/nepal) provides investors online with updated and hard-to-find information on operating costs, wages, rents and taxes that can be inserted into an investor’s business model, as well as laws, procedures and useful contacts. The experiences of current investors in Nepal are also included, according to a statement issued by Nepal-based UN office.

The iGuides replace UNCTAD’s previous practice of publishing paper investment guides for different countries, allowing significant cost and time savings and enabling governments to get the right information closer to the intended investor audience. Further, because governments are responsible for generating and updating content according to UNCTAD guidelines, the development of each country website within the iGuides platform ensures significant capacity-building in investment promotion.

Presenting the iGuide to Nepal, Ian Richards, Economic Affairs Officer at UNCTAD will demonstrate how the iGuides provided all critical information for investment decisions at the fingertip. Moreover, unlike sit-on-the-shelf documents, any element of an iGuides site can be updated by the government at any time, which makes them more relevant to the target audience. He will also highlight the site’s coverage of investment opportunities in agriculture, hydropower, tourism, health services, pharmaceuticals, light manufacturing and minerals.

The web-based investment guide to Nepal is part of UNCTAD's technical assistance activities to strengthen national capacity for FDI attraction in land-locked developing countries. It is hoped that the site will help the government attract more diverse foreign direct investment in support of Nepal’s development goals.

Country sites for the iGuides platform have been launched in Burundi, Djibouti and Rwanda and will be developed by the end of the year in Bhutan, Eastern Morocco, Kenya, Mongolia, Tanzania and Uganda.

The iGuide will be launched at a breakfast event at the Hotel Himalaya on Thursday 13 February 2014 at 8.30 a.m. Present at the event will be Mr. Jamie McGoldrick, UN Resident Coordinator in Nepal, Mr. Krishna Gyawali, Secretary at the Ministry of Industry (Chief Guest) and Mr. Dhruba Lal Rajbamshi, Director-General at the Department of Industry.