Thursday, 5th March 2015

Preparation of master plan for eco-park in Kavre

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Preparations have been made to make community forests around Banepa municipality, the trade hub of Kavre district, an attractive destination by transforming them into an eco-park.

Plans are afoot to make a park in 4,000 ropanies of land of the community forests, said Kavre Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Park researcher Gyanendra Lal Pradhan has drawn suggestions after his research from stakeholders on making a park during central regional level Kavre Festival-2070 BS held under the leadership of the chamber for the construction.

The park can be constructed by investing about Rs 50 million in partnership of the government and private sector, said Pradhan.

If the park is made by enriching the natural beauty of the forest, it can be an attractive destination of the world, he said.

This will be a first destination for the tourists coming to Nepal if it is made in Kavre, planned to be linked with a six-lane road with the capital in the near future, he said.

He said as per the preliminary study, in the first phase a stupa will be built at a higher place and decorated with special lamps to be seen from afar at night and there will be safari, open zoo, view tower, jeep line, bungee jump and agro farm.

Chamber President Surkrishna Baidya said the park will be Nepal's most attractive destination and income source of the community forest will increase thereby uplifting the living standard of the locals by attracting investors.

Former Chairman of the Chamber Kailash Palanchok said it will be more attractive if the natural landscape is not destroyed, and number of birds, butterflies and fragrant flowers are increased within the park.

Kavre Constituency No. 3 lawmaker Kanchan Chandra bade has also made commitment to help build the park.