Friday, 6th March 2015

Nepal Pharma Expo-2014 from 28 February

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Officials informing about Nepal Pharma Expo 2014 which is slated for 28 Feb to March 2, in Kathmandu Monday. NN/Narayan MaharjanNepal Pharma Expo-2014 is going to be held from 28 February to 2 March, 2014 at Bhrikutimandap in the capital.

Association of Pharmaceutical Producers of Nepal (APPON) in association with the Department of Pharmaceutical, FNCCI, Nepal Pharmaceutical Association, Nepal Graduate Pharmacists Association among others are organising the three-day expo.

Organising a press conference in the capital on Monday, APPON said they are organising the event under the theme “Sustenance through Quality”.

"The main aim of the expo to disseminate information on the development of technologies and achievements in the medicine sector."

The three-day expo will have participants from both national and international level  including 46 domestic and 45 pharmaceutical companies (India and Singapore), informed the organisers.

Nepal is self reliant in some 77 different medicines, according to the APPON. “Around 700 pharmaceutical experts are engaged in the sector at present.”

The organisers have also expected around 30,000 footfalls during the event.

The organisers said that the event would be beneficial for the medicine students as they get wide range of information about the pharmaceutical industry, pharma processing plants equipments, technologies, production and market management.

Similarly, APPON Inter pharmaceutical and Junior Doctors Futsal game will be organised for entertainment on the sideline of the Expo, said the organisers.